On Oled it’s even better

Almost a year after its debut, we at GameTime have had the opportunity to try the definitive version of Vesper Zero Light on Nintendo Switch Oled, here is our review.

Cordens Interactivea small Italian development studio awarded at this year’s DStars Awards, wanted to invest more in this small project by improving it here and there, also rebalancing some sections of gameplay.

But what is Vesper? We are talking about a 2D scrolling platformer with a sci-fi setting strongly inspired by the 90s tradition (Another World, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee), but not only. The undisputed protagonist is the little Seven, a robot who finds himself having to face the dangers and reveal the mysteries of a totally ruined world, into which he was literally catapulted due to a certain Vesper Protocol.


The threads that make up the gameplay of Cordens’ work unfold gradually and demonstrate a certain intelligence on the part of the team in introducing the few game mechanics present. They are inserted within a difficulty curve now balanced, but tending towards levels that are nevertheless challenging: only on a few occasions this platform presents sudden surges, due to exquisitely trial and error sections that must be repeated several times without, however, being particularly frustrating.

Vesper Zero Light it is based on three fundamental rules: escape, absorb and control. In short, for all the gameplay our task is to keep these concepts in mind, not to be underestimated: absorb light globes to open or close portals and take possession of enemies to take advantage of their skills such as unlocking locks, killing other enemies and finally self-destruct in order to return to one’s body.

Vesper Zero Light Edition Nintendo Switch Review

The use of light is fundamental during the game, in fact it must be used intelligently when it is requested in the game. There are few skills and basic movement options for our little Seven, such as jumping, clinging and using the Drive Gun, the main weapon of the protagonist. This weapon serves precisely to channel beams of light, which as mentioned above are mostly used for the whole gameplay and must be used strategically.

All these tasks are easy to perform thanks to the excellent precision and responsiveness of the console commands. Those who own a Nintendo Switch Oled can enjoy an explosion of colors ranging from scarlet red to violet up to totally dark areas, at least in the most decadent and suggestive settings.

Vesper Zero Light Edition Nintendo Switch Review

The puzzles are many, varied and make the gameplay enjoyable even if they do not stand out for who knows what difficulty. The enemies are of three types, differentiated both aesthetically and in the offensive characteristics, and have a design that is entirely appropriate in the complex and with respect to the environment. Really amazing.

Also in Vesperas in Ori and other similar games, we will be struggling with phases of daring escapes, but they are less difficult to complete than other titles. Each level of the game has its own specific map, and can only be accessed by completing the previous one. Quite linear is the exploration of the environments, which is solved without puzzling too much. Maybe we find just a little bit of difficulty in the final stages, where the topography tends to be characterized and to dare a little more.

Vesper Zero Light Edition Nintendo Switch Review

Undoubtedly Vesper enjoys a respectable artistic sector, and stands out for its style. The passage from one section to the other is punctuated by well-made cutscenes, which enrich a general narrative made up of mystery and many unsolved points. An honorable mention goes absolutely to the lighting of the game, which in addition to being fundamental during gameplay, enriches a beautiful visual experience with plays of light and colors that complete an aesthetic picture of excellent quality. We still recommend playing it on the Nintendo Switch Oled.

Ultimately, without saying anything else about it, we advise you not to stop at just the first game run but to do a second one, starting over Vesper with a new match. Trust me.

Vesper Zero Light Edition Nintendo Switch Review

In conclusion we can only judge Vesper by Cordens Interactive as a respectable debut in the gaming world. We really appreciated the excellent quality of the art sector and the extreme enjoyment of the gameplay.

We highly recommend it to lovers of the genre and to all those players who want to have a relaxed gaming experience, with good flow and beautiful to look at.