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Recommended manga


JJM Women’s Judo Club Story

[The world's largest selection of ebooks / comics]ebookjapan

Twenty-five years after “Judo Bu Monogatari”, Makoto Kobayashi draws “Authentic Judo Manga” again! The original is Yuko Emoto, who brought the first gold medal to the Japanese women’s judo world in the Atlanta Olympics women’s judo 61 kg class !!

Welcome to the ballroom

[The world's largest selection of ebooks / comics]ebookjapan

The dance sports youth tan presented by Toshihide has begun! That step will change me. An ordinary junior high school student, Tatara Fujita, had no particular dreams for the future and was spending idle days. One day, Tatara, who met a mysterious helmet man, was taken away for no apparent reason. The destination where the man went was … what a ballroom dance class. Tatara’s daily life, which has taken a step into the world of dance, begins to change. , Super hot! Get drunk with the dance story !!

Kageki Shojo! !!

[The world's largest selection of ebooks / comics]ebookjapan

“Sarasa Watanabe, I’ll be Oscar!” Founded in the Taisho era, “Kouhana Opera Company” is composed only of unmarried women. The youth of the girls who entered the music school opens the curtain ──! Sarasa and his friends, who are tired of all the lectures given by the preparatory students, offer to the instructor for practical training …? If you would like to know the success announcement of Sarasa Music School and the story from the beginning of enrollment, please read the first and second volumes of “Kageki Shojo !! Season Zero” which is the day before.

Dai Miyamoto, a third-year high school student who was impressed by jazz, continues to play the saxophone alone in Kawahara. Rainy days and hot days, every night, every night, for years. “Become the best jazz player in the world … !!” Effort, talent, belief, environment, luck … what do you need? The story of seriously facing the goal, which can be said to be reckless, begins in Sendai and the Hirose River.

Great cold wave invasion, catastrophic blow, world initialization. Maizuru Taro, who awoke for the first time in 500 years after artificial hibernation, lost all his beloved family and property. He crawls up from the edge of despair and seeks his ideal life and purpose of life, aiming for his homeland “Japan”. A great journey that goes back to the history of humans and civilization. Mankind, this is the future.


[The world's largest selection of ebooks / comics]ebookjapan

In 2010, Japan’s first manned space exploration rocket “Shishi-go” crashed into an urban area and caused many casualties. The girl “Asumi” who lost her mother in an accident met the ghost “Lion” of the pilot of the accident plane, and she became an astronaut. Sci-fi fantasy that is very popular with comic flappers! Simultaneous recording of the debut work “2015 Fireworks” depicting the encounter between Asumi and Lion and the second work in the series “Asumi”.

[The world's largest selection of ebooks / comics]ebookjapan

Even today, the unique friends of the veterinary school and cute animals make a fuss. A doctor comedy with a huge explosion of national popularity, with a grinning fun!

[The world's largest selection of ebooks / comics]ebookjapan

Serious boy + beautiful girl x tennis = hot-blooded spokon!?-The results are all A! “A-chan”, who is serious about playing tennis, is a little sloppy !? However, when he meets a beautiful girl “Natsu” who is serious about tennis, he is obsessed with the charm of tennis and his life changes drastically !? Pleasure and faint in agony. No spiral ……. A shocking chemical change in life that cannot be expressed by mathematical formulas has begun !!

The boy conquers the “battlefield” named Circuit! Heita Hirakatsu (commonly known as Capeta), a fourth grader in elementary school, lost his mother at an early age and lives with his father, who is busy with work. Don’t worry about his beloved father, Capeta is always gaman. The only thing I was crazy about was when I was driving while looking at a cool car. One day, the “something” that his father brought back from work will change the fate of Capeta!

Futatsuzaka High School first year, Asahi Higashijima, 15 years old. Asahi, who was an art club until junior high school, was impressed by the complaint that “Naginata is an American dream of high school club activities! Even people who have no connection with sports can make a name for themselves all over the country” and join the Naginata club. Konno is a strong woman who kicks off molesters, a longing senior, Maharu Miyaji, and Masako Yasomura, who is also a first-year student and has experience in kendo. Sakura (Konno Sakura) … Asahi and his friends “Naginata Girls” are strong! Fun !! Beautiful !!! The story begins–

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