objective of merger or merger with a big company?

IT’S ATshort name of Electronic Arts, is one of the most important companies in the videogame field. From this company they were born and developed some of the most important brands in the mediumtherefore every time a news concerning you appears thereattention of users is always high.

We know well, however, the ups and downs that this company, in the course of its life, has experienced. Policies not appreciated by consumers, ploy to get money and the famous (and very hateful) microtransactions, these are just some of the elements that we can recall.

In the last few hours An interesting rumor about EA’s future has emerged. Let’s find out together!


Does EA want to be f0nders with other big names?

Well yes, according to this indiscretion, EA clearly intends to merge with other companies or, alternatively, to be even acquired. Also according to these rumors, some potential buyers could be huge multinationals such as Amazon, Apple or Disney.

To push on this news is journalist Dyan Beyers what he said:

“In recent times, as media companies have shown great interest in the rapid growth of the video game industry, Andrew Wilson and Electronic Arts have held talks with potential buyers, including Disney, Apple and Amazon.“.


It’s still:

“Different sources who have direct contact with these talks state that EA’s goal is to pursue a sale, and this willingness has increased after the agreement between Microsoft and Actvision. Other people point out how the company is in a particular way interested in a merger agreement which would allow Wilson to retain the position of chief executive officer of the company.

In shortMicrosoft with the incredible acquisition of Activision has undoubtedly generated an earthquake in the industry. Obviously it must be said that still nothing official has emerged but the ambiguous words of a spokesperson for IT’S AT they have generated many doubts. Here are the words of John Reseburg, spokesperson for the multinational in reference to these rumors:

We do not comment on rumors and rumors about mergers and acquisitions. We are proud to be in a position of strength and growth, with a catalog of incredible games, built around important IPs, made by very talented teams and with a network of more than half a billion players. We see a very bright future for us“.


There is no doubt that we must remain attentive to the company’s next moves.