Nvidia and Asus announce a 500 Hz gaming monitor

Nvidia’s conference at Computex 2022 has been surprisingly quiet, if not boring. As the Taiwanese fair is one of the events that serve as a springboard for the recreational novelties of the rest of the year, it has been surprising that the graphics card manufacturer has focused almost strictly on AI systems, Big Data and servers, leaving the note gaming in the hands of a single monitor. But today’s is not just any monitor.

The Asus ROG Swift 500 Hz is, as can be inferred from its name, a gaming monitor with a refresh rate of no more and no less than 500 Hz. In practice, this represents a new milestone in the industry, far exceeding the 360Hz from the ROG Swift PG27AQN. Technical details are scarce, but with that refresh rate it’s easy to assume you’re not using a 4K IPS panel.

Indeed, the Asus ROG Swift 500 Hz integrates a new type of TN panel described as E-TN (for Esports TN), which supposedly provides the highest possible clarity. The resolution is Full HD; well suited to both hitting 500 FPS and the size of the screen, which is set at “only” 24 inches.

Unfortunately neither Nvidia nor Asus have provided further technical information. What’s more, we only have the cover photo. Therefore, we do not know values ​​such as the response time (predictably very low), the contrast or the brightness, although being a TN it does not seem that it will be blinding. We can’t talk about the number of connectors either. We only know that, like other leading G-Sync monitors, it will have support for the Nvidia Reflex Analyzer latency reduction technology.

Asus will hopefully provide more details during its conference at the Taiwanese trade show, though we don’t expect it to provide a specific price or release date.