NPD USA, Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console in May

Nintendo Switch tops the chart, but Xbox Series X | S are on the rise

In recent days we have informed you of how, according to the data NPD, the most played games in the first quarter of 2022 in the United States were almost all old, but now it’s time to talk about consoles too. The data NPD USAin fact, they underlined how Nintendo Switch both tops the list of best-selling consoles in the month of May in the United Statesbut also highlighted how the sales of Xbox Series X | S are growing and the gap is getting smaller and smaller.

The NPD USA data on the hardware market arrives on time

The month of May brought an 11% drop as regards the expenditure related to hardware and consoles, as can be seen from the data NPD USAif we consider it with the same month of the previous year, thus underlining how the expenditure between hardware and software is among the lowest recorded since February 2020. Obviously, as always, this decrease is due to the difficulty of finding consoles on the market, especially as regards PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

According to the data NPD USAhowever, who does not seem to have been affected by this drop in spending is Nintendo Switch which continues to confirm itself as the console best-selling in terms of quantitymaintaining the top of the rankings as of the beginning of 2022. But the encouraging news is the shot that the consoles Microsoft have had in the last month, especially as regards the dollars spent: Xbox Series X | S continue to win this particular record.

The consoles of Microsoftin fact, they are the only ones that have a positive trend compared to the others in these first months of 2022, probably due to an easier distribution by the US giant of its consoles.