The impressive Matrix demo is now available on PC

The Matrix Awakens

But it is not entirely straightforward to drive.

The Matrix Awakens was a demo experience for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X that really became a snack when it was released in December. It consisted of an action sequence and then a wide-open city that we could explore a little how we wanted.

Even though there was no real game mechanics, the richness of detail was a bit fantastic, and the thoughts of a GTA -like game in the same stucco probably occurred to many. PC players were unfortunately without, but since Unreal Engine 5 is now officially launched, you can download the experience on a computer as well.

Unfortunately, Epic has not released the demo as a standalone download, but instead, you have to download it via Unreal Engine’s marketplace and then start it via the game engine itself. For the uninitiated, it can be a bit cumbersome, and the project also weighs in at around 90 GB.

However, developer Victor Careil has packaged it all and provided a download of a much more convenient 18 GB, which he uploaded in a couple of different places. As always, however, one should be careful about what one downloads from more or less unknown sources online.

It should also be added that this is just the open city demon – the action part has not been released on PC.