No Man’s Sky: The Leviathan update is here!

Everyone knows that No Man’s Sky it did have a turbulent release, however Hello Games he never abandoned the title and on the contrary improved it more and more. The game nowadays already counts approx 20 updates behind, being Next the one who restored the hopes to the players. After focusing on space pirates with the update Outlawsit seems the development team is ready to explore other themes and genres.

No Man’s Sky: the surprises don’t end

We are not talking about a new video game but the brand new shipment of No Man’s Skywhich introduces the roguelike in your space experience. The name of the update as well as the shipment is Leviathan, this adventure will transport us into a time loop in which we must survive to recover our memories. As you can imagine, each death equates to cycle reset, so we will have to start over after each defeat.

Leviathan invites us to overcome various obstacles to recover fragments of memories that bring us before the mysterious creature known as “the Leviathan“. In the expedition we can group together with other players to advance through the time cycle and break the curse, all of which will provide valuable rewards for both us and the team. But you have to be careful as death is always lurking.


On the other hand, the expedition also introduces several extra rewards, such as decorative cosmetics, pieces for our ship, decorative objects for the base and other products. But the real prize is none other than the Leviathan which will join our fleet of frigates.

If you want to test your skills in No Man’s Sky and solving the mystery surrounding the loop, know that shipping is now available for free on PC, Xbox One / S / X, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4 And PlayStation 5. This adventure will be available for only six weeks, then it will disappear to make way for other novelties. After all, the development team has a project in hand that according to their claims “is far from seeing the end”.

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