No God of War at the next State of Play

God of War: Ragnarok it is one of the few great games that, as far as is known, could cheer this 2022 currently lacking in great titles on the launch pad. Of course, future showcases could surprise us and improve the situation, but at the moment we don’t have the arguments to be able to say this firmly. Unfortunately for fans of the gaming landscape PlayStationhowever, the latest adventure of Kratos it will not be part of the next State of Play.

God of War won’t be there, but some surprises should still come:

“We will have some interesting revelations from our third party partners, as well as a preview of different games in development for PlayStation VR2”therefore, as it was already said above PlayStation Blogit will be an event purely dedicated to third-party games and games arriving on the expected headset PlayStation VR2. Horizon Call of the Mountain will be among these titles, and we will probably also see something of Forespokenamong other things.

However, there is no need to fear, because hardly Sony it will miss the chance to throw God of War: Ragnarok during the next autumn / winter, considering that the only great title of the competition, Starfieldhas been postponed and is therefore out of the game, leaving it to the exclusivity PlayStation all the attention of that period of very strong purchases. Probably the game will be presented separately, perhaps with an event designed ad hoc and dedicated to it.

In the next State of Play, set for June 2, 2022, as already mentioned, many third party titles will find space. So it will be true that we will not see God of Warhowever, according to the famous insider Jeff Grubb we could see something of a title much awaited by lovers of fighting games, the next chapter of one of the most iconic and historical sagas in the hands of Capcom; we obviously talk about Street Fighter 6. Of course, since this paragraph is based on a rumor (unlike the rest of the news) the advice is the usual: take this fact with due skepticism, as there is no officiality to make certain news about it.

If you are interested in PlayStation VR2 and / or third party titles coming to consoles Sony new and old generation, the appointment will definitely be for you. If you want at all costs God of War: Ragnarok I’m sorry, but you’ll have to stock up on patience and distract yourself as much as possible. If something changes, of course, we’ll be back to talk promptly, so don’t be afraid to leave any details behind!