Nintendo Switch Online updates to version 2.3.0.

The emulator for old glories of the Japanese console, Nintendo Switch Online N64 (accessible via add-on package), has recently been updated both in content and in performance by the technicians of the Grande N. Everything we know about this update, however, we owe it not to the patch notes of Nintendo itself, but to the kind concessions of the insider OatmealDome:

  • Version 2.3.0 released.
  • Kirby 64 added.
  • Star Fox 64: gamma adjustment enabled (previously fixed at 1.8.
  • Dr. Mario 64 changed the renderer settings (“ConstValue_0” added).
  • Mario Golf changed the renderer settings (“ConstValue_1” added).
  • EXTRA: added Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Click HERE if you are interested in the last chapter)

“Interestingly, on the Nintendo Switch Online N64, Kirby 64 appears to have received fewer patches and hacks introduced on this emulator so far. There are the usual renderer settings adjustments, but there are no CPU specific patches or instruction hooks. “

Nintendo Switch Online N64: who goes slow, goes healthy and goes far …

… Even if, at least this time, the Big N started a little too late! Of course, it is now clear how, very calmly, the Japanese video game company has started a path of updating and constant improvement for theNintendo Switch Online N64 emulator, but let’s not forget the many problems that plagued various titles in the catalog, just a few weeks / months ago (HERE our article about it).

Nintendo Switch Online updates to version 2.3.0.  1

We just have to wish Nintendo the best, while I invite you to always stay connected and connected with us at iCrewPlay to stay updated on all future developments in the gaming world.