Nintendo Switch goes aboard the Febal Casa tram on the occasion of Milan Design Week

Nintendo has announced a new initiative with Febal Casa.

Nintendo announced that on the occasion of the week of the Fuorisalone 2022 will tighten forces with Febal House to host visitors while traveling in the central areas of Milan, during the event entirely dedicated to the world of design scheduled for seven days.

The Japanese company then revealed that since 6 to the June 12th fans will be able to board a special tram, completely customized and set up like the interior of the living room of a modern house and furnished with an eye to all the latest trends, obviously paying attention to the world of video games.

Nintendo joined forces with Febal Casa on the occasion of Milan Design Week

On the branded traveling tram Febalit will be possible for example to play Nintendo Switchfamous and best-selling hybrid console that in the days of Tuesday 7 And Thursday 9 June will allow users to have fun with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Instead in the day of Saturday 11 it will even be possible to try the brand new one Mario Strikers: Battle League Footballhighly anticipated chapter of the acclaimed series Mario Strikers which in the first days of June 2022 will make its big comeback Nintendo Switch after 15 years of total absence.

In this new adventure, players will be able to discover it strikeone 5 vs 5 sports similar to football where the only rule is to do everything to win. You will be able to choose from a roster of ten characters from around the Kingdom of Mushrooms to compose your team and thus launch into challenges in which everything is allowed: the strike is in fact a unique discipline, made up of aggressive tackles and devastating special shots, called hyperthyroidismwhich allow you to score two goals instead of one.

In addition, your team will be highly customizable thanks to the ability to assign equipment specific to the characters, which change not only their appearance, but also statistics such as speed, strength and precision of the passes. Mario Strikers: Battle League Footballthanks to the ability to include in every game up to eight players on the same console, it really is the new multiplayer experience from license plate Mario not to be missed on Nintendo Switch.

At the end of this article, we remind you that the traveling event of Febal House will be active on the occasion of the Fuorisalone starting from the day of June 6, 2022with titles Nintendo that will be present on board during the days 7, 9 And June 11th.