Nintendo launches the gauntlet to cheaters with a new patent

Nintendo has registered a new patent aimed at countering cheaters.

In these hours a new one is rapidly making the rounds of the web patent from Nintendoaimed at tackling i cheater online. And if you are wondering how this new technology can work, basically it is a system capable of continuously analyzing the software of the game on duty, with the aim of detecting any changes to the games, implementing a confirmation program that continuously checks the changes made by the cheater to the software code.

Nintendo’s new patent is aimed at countering cheaters

“The technology described implements attestation programs that use ‘code reuse’ techniques. In particular, technology refers to the automatic generation of attestation programs to, among other aspects, detect whether a program has been modified.

In a non-limiting example, the technology uses a tool that scans the code of a software program (such as a video game) for usable code sequences.

The tool can automatically combine code sequences to generate a large number of attestation programs of different varieties (e.g. memory checks, hashing).

The same patent as Nintendo he also notes how the control tools are particularly useful for online multiplayer and competitive gaming on the Internet, also wishing to specify how the various “unfair advantages” make games much less satisfactory for all users:

“Such tricks are extremely popular where the gaming environment is extended to games, especially multiplayer games on the Internet. Specifically, users are able to modify the software in a way that allows them to have advantages over other players on different systems in a multiplayer game.

These unfair advantages cause the game to be much less satisfying for the user, thus affecting the experience and human-user interaction in the game. In addition, such changes to the gaming program create certain security risks for the gaming system ”.

Obviously even without finding ourselves in front of an official announcement of Nintendoit should be noted that this new patent is not surprising given the imminent launch of Splatoon 3a title that makes extensive use of the component online multiplayer and therefore of online competitiveness.