Nintendo declares war on cheaters with this license

There are many who do not tolerate cheaters in online games, and the developers are aware of this situation. Companies like Activision continue to confront hackers with anti-cheat systems such as RICOCHET. Also Nintendo joins the fight to eliminate all the tricks from his multiplayer experiences, which is why he has registered a patent focused on solving this problem.

Nintendo: the cheater problem

The latest move of Nintendo in terms of initiatives related to its products leaves us with a patent that aims to thoroughly analyze the titles of the great N. “The technology described will implement attestation programs that employ ‘code reuse’ techniques. In particular, the technology is linked to the automatic generation of attestation programs, among other aspects detecting if a program has been modified ”, explains the company in the patent document.

Nintendo lashes out at cheaters 1

“The technology uses a tool that scans a software program code (for example, a video game) for usable code sequences. The tool can automatically combine code streams to generate a large number of certification programs of different varieties (for example, memory checks or ‘hashing’). “As we read later in the patent report, this technology would be used in the eternal fight against hackers to help improve the experience of the user who gambles legally.

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