Nier Automata for less than 10 euros!

Nier Automata is one of the games that has been madly loved by the gaming community; a little for the history, a little for the protagonist 2B, caused a huge stir. We’re talking about a single-player action RPG that features tons of combat situations, but also thrilling episodes bordering on tears. The game world is not really an open-world, but it is vast enough to guarantee a unique experience in every sector. Not only that, because its uniqueness is also given by several endings whenever you want to restart your game.

The title on offer is available on the platform of Amazon and the version for sale is the one for the console PlayStation 4; however, it has compatibility with the next-gen console PlayStation 5 and this makes the cost of the product even more greedy. The game has a market price that is around € 39.99 on PlayStation Store, but today you can grab it the physical version for only € 9.98! A great deal and which, unfortunately, is selling like hot cakes; availability is limited, so we advise you to act in time!

Nier Automata turns out to be at the lowest price ever

The game, signed Square Enix, could see a sudden price swing over the next few hours. We recommend that you keep an eye on the final cost of the product, in case you are not immediately interested in purchasing or if you want to wait for a more advantageous offer. At the moment, however, this turns out to be the price never reached up Amazon. We remind you that thanks to the option of Amazon Prime you will be able to receive the physical game at your home directly after the purchase and at no additional cost.

In the event that you do not have any type of subscription, you might think about subscribing to the subscription; otherwise you will have to reach a minimum purchase in the cart of € 29.00. This way you will unlock free shipping for all users and it could be a good opportunity to associate the purchase with another videogame product.

Nier: Automata