News coming no earlier than several months

The game is being developed from scratch from the ground up

Lots of gamers and fans of Star Wars were extremely pleased when, in the past, the upcoming arrival of a highly sought after remake, that of Knight of the Old Republicoften abbreviated to KOTOR. The remake is expected in the future for PlayStation 5 And Windows PC. However, it seems that the remake is being developed starting from the foundations, and therefore we will have to be very patient.

News about Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic Remake coming to me no sooner than several months from now

He stated this during the Q4 Embracer Group Report (company owning Aspyr Media) the board member Matthew Karchexplaining how Saber Interactive is contributing to development as the game is essentially being remade from the ground up. “Aspyr went out of her way to make this the best game they can make. When we acquired Aspyr, we knew from the start that they would need our assistance. Saber has an incredible experience in creating this type of product. We did it with Halo – with different Halo products – we also did it with other titles that we have remastered on many platforms ”.

He later added: “We are totally confident that the game is going to be great but it’s also huge, products of this size take a lot of work and time to get right. Especially when you talk about an already old – very old – game that we basically have to redo from the beginning. I would say that you will hear us talk about this product again no sooner than several months from now ”.

There was also mention of the agreement with Sony to do of Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic a console exclusive title PlayStation 5 – however, the version also remains Windows PC. Unfortunately, speaking of “several months” is somewhat generic and rather relative. Perhaps we will know more about it over the course of the futures Summer Game Fest 2022or on the occasion of one of the rumored events Sony scheduled for the summer.

Therefore arm yourself with patience and try to distract yourself and forget about it: it is the only way to pass the long waits. Obviously we will be waiting here for further updates and, as soon as we know something, we will return to write about it so that all of you can inform you about any developments. Since Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic is being developed from the ground up, what mechanics do you hope they will keep (perhaps by rejuvenating them) and which ones do you hope will change, compared to the original game? Tell us in the space reserved for comments.