news about features and games in the new trailer

It was released today from the YouTube account of PlayStation the new PS VR2 trailer called Feel a New Real, feel a new real. In the trailer, mainly the ones that will be shown were shown new features of the viewer And of its controllers:

Find out how the groundbreaking immersive capabilities of the PlayStation VR2 can transport you to thrilling worlds that feel real through and through thanks to PlayStation VR2 Sense technology

Starting from the slightly obvious things, the viewer will mount two OLED screens of the latest generation, which will allow you to maintain a 4K resolution with active HDR. Several games will then be able to rely on a technology of Eye Traking inside the viewer to render the menus are fasterthe trailer shows us for example a case of selecting a weapon by moving the eyes, or to allow the game room to better focus exactly where the player is looking, thus saving some technical costs on the rest of the surrounding environment.

The viewer will support a field of view up to 110 degreesL’integrated 3D audio and a system of internal vibration. Speaking instead of controlleras for those of the Oculus, these too will support a system of Finger Detectionwhich will allow the game to know where the player’s fingers will be at any time, and the now classics vibration systems and triggers that we know from Dualsense of PlayStation 5.

As we already knew, the PS VR2 system it will not run games for the first viewerbut the latest news speaks to us more than 20 games to launchincluding several Indies, which is expected to arrive for theearly 2023.