New World: Season 2: Blood of the Sands has a start date

Amazon Games is continuing to build on the MMORPG New World and will be delivering fresh content in the form of Season 2 in a few weeks. We’ll tell you exactly when it will start and what to expect then.

With “Blood of the Sands”, the second season of the online role-playing game New World has now been officially announced by Amazon Games. This is scheduled to launch on the live servers on July 6th, but will debut tomorrow on May 25th on the PTR for testing purposes.

The corresponding update then adds a new season journey and activity map, new seasonal events, a new 3v3 arena map, cross-world outpost rush, a massive sandworm, mysterious changes to the world map and more to the game.

Thematically, a historical group called Blood of the Sands appears in the MMORPG. Led by Malek, they aid in the quest for the eggs of the massive creature known as the “Eater”. You join the Silver Crows and Bard Rima to uncover the mysteries of the order and their history with the creature Shah Neshen.

The highlights of Season 2 are officially given as follows:

  • Elite Trial: Arena of Shah Neshen – Players can join the arena of Shah Neshen the Devourer and battle the massive sandworm for elite rewards. 20 players with the highest level compete in the challenging new PvE game mode.
  • Transmog – Will be available in a Mid-Season 2 update for New World. Players can use the consumable transmog tokens to memorize the appearance of any gear that can be collected in the world and turn them into usable skins.
  • First Light Retreat – The first light has fallen at the hands of Artemis and her rampaging horde of earth. The Settlement, Stronghold, and Trading Post in First Light are now closed. A wall of thorns has erupted along the border, blocking all access to the area until further notice.
  • New 3v3 Arena Map – Players fight each other in a brand new gladiator 3v3 arena map.
  • Global Outpost Storm – Outpost Storm will soon be playable in every world within the same region. Players gain control of the keeps and resources in this 20v20 game mode for max level players.
New World – Season 1: Camaraderie & Fire Trailer

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