New movie coming in 2024

Well yes: Sony it inserted Karate Kid in one of the theatrical slot of the 2023/2024 film season – of the three films currently scheduled for then, one is just the umpteenth chapter of the famous saga for children based on martial arts and good principles. If you loved the original 1984 film, this news will arouse one of two reactions in you: enthusiasm, or fear – the first if you think something good might come out of it, the second if the films followed by the original seem like a wake-up call to you. potential low quality of the work.

Karate Kid – A saga born in 1984 whose first film immediately became a cult:

At the end of the first half of the 80’s of the last century the film, destined to become a cult, inaugurated one of the periods of maximum fame for its two protagonists: Ralph Macchioas Daniel, and Pat Morita, in those of the master Miyagi. The film, fictionalizing martial arts in a very imaginative way (do not look for accuracy or you will be wrong first, ed), was able to capture the young people of the time with its simple but compelling story and with jokes marked in the history of cinema, such as “Give the wax, remove the wax”.

The first historic film was followed by three more by 1994, the first two followed with the original characters and the last with Hilary Swank instead of the protagonist. In 2010, however, the saga returned to the limelight with The Karate Kid – The Legend Continueswith Jaden Smith And Jackie Chan in place of pupil and teacher respectively. Unfortunately, none of these films were able to replicate the success of the first, and the last, especially after its theatrical debut, was heavily criticized by both reviewers and audiences.

The phenomenon Karate Kid however he survived, and in 2018 the series took care of it Cobra Kai to revive its popularity, with Ralph Macchio And William Zabka again in the shoes of their historical characters: Daniel LaRusso And Johnny Lawrence. The series, still in progress on Netflixthen brought back other great cult figures, such as Martin Kove (John Kreese), Thomas Ian Griffith (Terry Silver) e Yuji Okumoto (Chozen).

The new film listed by Sony it is totally shrouded in mystery. We know that the launch date is set for June 7, 2024, but it’s easy to just be a placeholder and that the actual launch date is bound to be different. We can not help but wait patiently to find out more!