new model with removable disk player? Yes, in 2024 according to Tom Henderson!

Sony continues to work hard on its next generation console. According to reporter Tom Henderson, the Japanese company plans to launch a new PS5 model. According to Henderson, the presentation will take place in 2023 and the launch even in 2024.

This new model will bring with it a big news. The compartment of the disc player will be separate from the rest of the game machine. According to Henderson, the company intends to make a PS5 that can take on the dual role of classic console and Digital Edition. It can be sold both in bundles and separately from what, for all intents and purposes, would become an accessory or “Add-on”.

According to the insider, Sony is studying the best method for this idea not to ruin the aesthetics of PS5. The new chassis, named “D”, should allow users to attach and detach the optical reader with ease. In principle it would mean having the possibility to choose between having an all digital console or a more traditional style at any time, but not only. Another advantage would be the elimination of the need to send the entire console for assistance should that piece fail.


It is still unclear – nor could it be, at this time – what pricing policies Sony might apply if Henderson’s information turns out to be correct. In the past few weeks we have heard of a rise in prices. Both PS5 with player and Digital Edition now cost € 50 more than in the past.

The PlayStation 5 price increase has also arrived on Amazon and is already in effect. Despite the semiconductor crisis, Sony Interactive Entartainment has unveiled its extraordinary PlayStation 5 sales figures. As of early August, the company had over 20 million next-gen consoles already in circulation.

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Source: Insider Gaming