new games will soon be announced for the PlayStation 5, according to a leaker

According to a leaker, AccountNGT, it seems that Sony Interactive Entertainment is planning to announce a new Sly Cooper during the month of Septemberlikely in one of the final PlayStation Showcase events. This would be a very welcome return, which could be accompanied by inFamous. Of course, everything has to be taken with a grain of salt, but the source is quite reliable.

In fact, the insider in question is not just any charlatan. He has in fact proved very reliable in the past, anticipating well in advance the announcement of Star Wars Eclipse (the title in development at Quantic Dream). It goes without saying, therefore, that when it comes to credible announcements, the insider in question is at least worthy of being taken into consideration.

In any case, Sony PlayStation would also be willing to announce a new chapter of inFamous, the saga that in fact has consecrated Sucker Punch among the most talented PlayStation teams. This videogame series, with considerable potential, was particularly appreciated with the chapters published on PlayStation 3.


At the time, the game clashed directly with Prototypeanother saga unfortunately disappeared from the radar but which gave pure fun where … well, the final boss was the player himself. The last chapter of inFamous dates back to 2014when Second Son, one of the PlayStation 4 launch titles, was released. The game also saw the release of a Standalone expansion called First Light, also released on PlayStation 4.

The announcement, the insider says, should take place by the end of the year. Furthermore, the source that AccountNGT drew on claims that by September we will not see any major events dedicated to the world of PlayStation. In any case, these rumors are not new. Both games were already mentioned in the past, just in development for PlayStation 5.

Source: Twitter