New BioShock in Development Hell? Apparently restarted four times

To the new BioShockgame from 2K Games and Cloud Chamber may be in worse shape than expected. Development has been restarted four times, most recently last summer, according to recent reports.

According to the leaker Oops leaks should BioShock continue to appear in fiscal year 2025 and production will be halfway back on track. That’s what you want to know at the most recent investor conference.

But that shouldn’t hide the fact that there have been massive problems here and will continue to exist. If the game isn’t announced soon, it’s believed that it could be drastically delayed.

Mismanagement & wrong developers?

The backgrounds are probably bad management, the uncertainty about financial success and questionable personnel decisions. In any case, you can see the main reasons why the development of BioShock is so difficult and has lasted so long. The fact that there have been no important updates or announcements about the game so far creates additional uncertainties.

was announced BioShock already in 2019 with a new development studio, but well-known minds behind it who have worked on the series before. At that time it said:

“ Our team believes in the beauty and power of diversity, both in the composition of the studio and the way it thinks. We are a highly experienced group of game developers, including many responsible for the creation, evolution and longevity of Bioshock.”

Not much has changed since then and official updates have been more or less vague. Among other things, there was talk of BioShock appearing exclusively for PS5. In the meantime, one must probably hope that it will be published at all.

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