new 6nm APU soon to increase stocks? No PS5 Pro in the short term, says Jeff Grubb

Sony Interactive Entertainment is planning, as already mentioned a few days ago, to switch to 6 nanometer chips as it is easier to find, in order to increase the supply of PS5 in stores. In a panel published by TCL Technology, a PS5 Pro was also mentioned which had aroused curiosity and as much concern. Jeff Grubb, however, clarified that the time has not yet come for the latter to go out on the market.

On his Twitter profile, Jeff Grubb has actually thrown some discord at TCL Technology as well. According to the reporter, it is suspected that the company, which has always specialized in the sale of TVs, is so intent on making people believe that a PlayStation 5 Pro and a mid-gen Xbox Series are on the way.

Continuing, Grubb reiterated that the only PS5 hardware refreshes will only concern the transition to 6 nanometers. A step that involves less consumption, consequently also less heat and above all a greater availability of chips.


This point, in particular, is of vital importance to Sony Interactive Entertainment. PlayStation 5, confirmed the Japanese giant, has an unprecedented demand in the history of the brand, and paradoxically this huge demand has come at the moment of greatest difficulty for the company.

“PS5 will receive a 6 nanometer update soon. Better productivity and even better cooling. All these advantages aim to improve production and save costs. Maybe a hardware redesign is part of this plan, but I don’t think there is a chance to see a Pro in the short term “explains Grubb.

Source: Twitter