Netflix unveils the final trailer. The first episode will be screened in Milan in Piazza del Duomo!

Netflix has unveiled the final trailer of Stranger Things 4, the highly anticipated return of the TV series par excellence of the streaming giant. The announcement of the trailer was also accompanied by a welcome surprise for all fans of the series residing in Italy. On May 26, in fact, Netflix will screen the first episode in Piazza del Duomo, in Milan, one day before the streaming release.

The confirmation comes from the page dedicated to the event, opened by Netflix itself. The event will be held on May 26 at 9:30 pm, the date on which the first episode ever will be screened. The event will then continue for the next two days, until May 28th. In short, inhabitants of Milan and surroundings who are passionate about Stranger Things: this is an appointment not to be missed!

The description of the event reads: “They say Hawkins is cursed. And maybe it’s not the only city to be. A really strange atmosphere is pervading Milan but this will not stop our plan. Brace yourselves because we will screen, in an exclusive preview, the first episode of the fourth season of Stranger Things, on May 26 from 9:30 pm in Piazza Duomo We have de-demorgogonized the area, but we cannot guarantee to keep those monsters away for long. “.


Recall that Stranger Things 4 will be characterized by much more mature and adult tones than in previous seasons. To confirm this was Finn Wolfhard, who defined Stranger Things 4 as the “darkest” season ever. This fourth season also sees the arrival of an exceptional cast member, namely Robert Englund.

The actor is best known for playing the role of Freddy Krueger, the fearsome villain of Nightmare. In the series, Robert Englund will play Victor Creel, a disturbed and imprisoned man in the 1950s. The reason? Needless to say, a very gruesome murder.

The protagonists will also have the opportunity to visit Creel’s house during the events of Stranger Things 4. Exploring in depth the murderer’s house, however, the protagonists will realize how something even more macabre than a common murder is hidden.

Source: Netflix