Netflix Games will have new titles

Netflix Games has intrigued all lovers of the streaming platform and the videogame division is enjoying a small success, albeit quite silent. The new plan is already available for devices Android and iOS at no extra cost to holders of a streaming subscription. No advertising for constant fun throughout the day. The catalog, however, needs to be expanded even more to allow greater choice to users, thus ensuring continuous affiliation.

This month, in fact, we will see the addition of four video games and they will be downloadable in your application the day after their release, 10:00 am PST. In the next paragraph we will show you the complete list with a brief description of the title in question, but in the meantime we give you a small preview. Here are the games that will be added: Dragon Up (East Side Games), Moonlighter (11 Bit Studios), Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt (HandyGames) and Exploding Kittens: The Game (Exploding Kittens Digital).

Netflix Games shows all its gaming side

Are the TV series proposed by the platform no longer enough for you? Well, this could be a great chance to try something new. If that wasn’t enough to satisfy such a desire for novelty, then we recommend that you follow along our cinematographic sectionto, where you could find many articles about it and, perhaps, find what you are looking for to hit a few moments of boredom. Let’s dive into the details of the additions Netflix will make in the coming days.

  • Dragon Up: the release date is scheduled for May 24 and your task will be to collect and hatch the eggs of dragons, especially the rarest ones. You will have to help them in a colorful world full of adventures, by empowering your dragons and making them rediscover the much lost magic. Great graphics for a quiet game;
  • Moonlighter: this title will also be released on May 24, 2022 and you will have to manage a shop in a village to say the least fairytale;
  • Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt: May 24th will see the appearance of this title as well. If you think running a shop is a small business, here you will simply have to use all your strategy to carry out a kingdom;
  • Exploding Kittens: The Game: Unlike previous games, this latter title will be released on the platform on May 31st and, for better or worse, everyone knows the board game from which it takes its name. You will have an exclusive kit with themed cards, where you will see all the favorite characters from the Netflix series coming out next year.

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