Nemiex Milano expands again and becomes one of the largest free Arcade rooms in Europe!

Do you know the Nemiex Club in Milan? No? We present it to you then. Born in the mid 2010s, Nemiex is a cultural association, meeting place and “Tempio Nerd” born from the passion of Paolo and Barbara who have decided to make available to everyone an immense collection of consoles and arcade cabinets. Years after the inauguration and with the progressive expansion of the premises, Nemiex is now rightfully one of the largest free Arcade rooms – for members – in Europe.

What do you mean “free for members”? In the sense that the venue, freely accessible to all and located in Milan in Via Riccardo Pitteri, at number 8 (Nettle area, to be clear) is also a cultural association with which it is possible to become a member. In this way, after having paid the membership e an annual subscription fee of 10 euros (to which it is possible to add another 15, 30, 50 or 70 euros to obtain respectively 1, 3, 6 or 12 months of ‘VIP’ benefits) it will be possible to enjoy, among other things, the dedicated cabinet room which now has 35 machines working.

The Nemiex who, by definition of Alessio (one of the members, Paolo says in an interview) is a real Nerd Temple, it represents a corner of Milan that promises to catapult us back in time, to an indefinite moment between the 80s and 90s. In short, the perfect place for those who lived through those years.


Don’t let the younger ones feel discouraged. For them, the association can be a window into the past. A lens through which to observe – and learn about thanks to the experience of the staff – a fantastic world like the nerd one of the late 80s and early 90s. As one of the most recent posts on the club’s Facebook wall informs, however, there is a big doubt. At the moment there are some difficulties related to the premises hanging over the Nemiex. If you want to get to know the world I have told you about so far, this is exactly the right time.

Speaking of places at risk, ESport Palace, in Bergamo, also risks a similar fate but for different reasons. For the moment, says Alessio Cicolari, the owner, the court has accepted the appeal filed against ADM. Developments are awaited after the first hearing, scheduled for February 2023.

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