Neil Gaiman explains why the renewal takes place

Very little is known about an upcoming season’s The Sandmanbut Neil Gaiman, creator of the comic series, explained why Netflix has not yet renewed the TV series for the following season, especially given the excellent response from the public.

The Sandman immediately received a very positive reception, but despite this the series has not yet obtained an official renewal for a second season.

As soon as the first season of The Sandman was over (Gamelegends review at this link), the public began to ask Neil Gaimaninvolved as an executive producer, the reasons behind this silence on the “renewal” topic.

He expressed himself through a tweet on his profile saying that everything must be considered in the collection of data:

The first season of The Sandman was released on August 5th. The data collection has just finished and was complicated by the fact that many people did not watch it in binge-watching but distributing the viewing from episode to episode. Telling Netflix to hurry won’t make them make decisions faster.

Following these statements, there is now plenty of talk about the publication method operated by Netflix.

Famous for binge-watching, some users would prefer to publish one episode a week. If that were to happen, it would impact the second season of The Sandmanslowing down its output.