Need For Speed ​​Unbound, 14 minutes of gameplay in the new trailer

Need For Speed ​​Unbound is shown on the IGN channel with a dedicated 14-minute gameplay video

Need For Speed ​​Unbound is expected for tomorrow 2 December 2022, pending the release of the title developed by Criterion on the IGN Youtube channel it is possible to find a gameplay video dedicated to the first 14 minutes of the campaign of the historic clandestine racing arcade.

Unbound presents itself as the umpteenth iteration dedicated to the racing game, after several chapters of mediocre entity, both in terms of the reception from the fans and in terms of the actual goodness of the product, Need for Speed returns with a completely new graphic design for the series, going to create a rather peculiar graphic mixture, mixing the street art (it may however be deactivated) which is mainly used to characterize the characters and visual effects together with a more “realistic” general look. The mix between these two styles is certainly the main feature of the title, which will certainly divide the opinions of the fans.

Thanks to the trailer it is, however, possible to see at least the technical goodness achieved by the title that net of the previous criticisms received from the public who complained about a mediocre optimization, based only on video leaks that most likely referred to incomplete game builds, Need For Speed ​​Unbound seems to defend itself well showing itself with a stable frame rate at 60fps and with a resolution pointing to the 4k. As always, we await an in-depth analysis by Digital Foundry which will be able to shed light on the optimization of the title that we remember is coming out exclusively for the consoles of “new generation“.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound

Finally, we recall the release of the title scheduled for December 2, 2022however, has been available since November 29 for all those who have purchased the Palace Edition which therefore allowed the title to be played 3 days in advance.