NCSoft unveils Project LLL, the new MMO shooter for PC and console

NCSoft unveiled a new MMO-style third-person shooter called Project LLL, code name that will most likely be changed later in the game’s development. For the occasion, a long video was released that showcases the gameplay of this project.

We were planning to create a new genre that was completely different from the popular looter shooter or battle royale,declared the project lead Seeder Jaehyun Bae. “We want to usher in a new market with a new IP that incorporates the keywords ‘shooter’, ‘MMO’ and ‘open world’. We are developing a project that combines different play styles with elements borrowed from previous NCSoft video games, and we are really excited to share this first taste with our community.

According to preliminary information, Project LLL will be able to count on a vast open world of over 30 square kilometers interconnected and explorable without any solution of continuity. As for the works the development team used as inspiration, Bae cites Isaac Asimov’s Cycle of Foundations, Frank Herbert’s Dune, as well as various short stories by Philip K. Dick. It is reported that Project LLL will be set in an alternate version of the Earth in which several rather different elements will merge: starting from a devastated Seoul, passing through the Byzantine Empire and the technology that is thought to be used in the 23rd century, all mixed within the same setting.

NCSoft makes it known that it will still take a long time before Project LLL can see the light, so much so that the Korean company speculates a simultaneous launch on PC and console in 2024.

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