Naughty Dog, the new project has been in development for at least two years

During the opening event of the Summer Game Fest 2022 Naughty Dog has announced a whole series of important news regarding the series of The Last of Usofficially confirming not only the development of The Last of Us: Part Ibut also sharing the first information on the new multiplayer project linked to the series starring Joel and Ellie.

And the US development team isn’t just working on these new projects related to The Last of Uswith some information that is leaking on the net in these hours, which revealed how the team belonging to the PlayStation Studios has been struggling with the development of a new project totally shrouded in mystery for quite some time now.

Naughty Dog’s new project has been in development for at least two years

In fact, according to what some fans have discovered, Naughty Dog has been working on this new game at least in the last two years, information this has emerged with forces on the net in these hours by taking a look at the curriculum of Josh Scherrwho works as a writer / narrative creator on the “unannounced” project from May 2020.

But in addition to this fact, too Kurt Margenau has updated his Twitter profile confirming that he is the game director of a mysterious title, which is almost certainly the same game in which he is also involved Neil Druckmann

In fact, it is precisely in this sense that we remember as the good Druckmann confirmed during the Summer Game Fest to be struggling with the development of a brand new title in that of Naughty Dogspecifying, however, that he is not yet able to talk about it, assuming that PlayStation did not leak it on the net in advance.

And this was a rather hot joke regarding the auto leak committed by the PlayStation Directwhere they leaked The Last of Us Remake a few hours before the official reveal at the Summer Game Fest.