Naughty Dog, Hermen Hulst fuels fan hype after seeing the new games

The PlayStation Studios boss is excited about the new Naughty Dog games.

While on the net there are many indiscretions regarding the development of Remake from The Last of Us from Naughty Dogwe report in this article a new tweet published just in these hours from Hermen HulstBoss of the PlayStation Studioswhich immediately captured the attention of millions of players around the world.

And the cause of all this curiosity on the part of the community is actually pretty straightforward, since the good Hulst revealed that he had visited none other than the studios of Cagnaccialso confirming that he was pleasantly surprised by the goodness of the work they are doing in that of the American development team of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The PlayStation Studios Boss was very impressed with the new Naughty Dog games

The boss of PlayStation has therefore published this new tweet with a lot of photos where you can see it in the company of Evan Wells and of Neil Druckmannall with the following message to complete everything:

Finally, I had the chance to spend time with Evan Wells Neil Druckmann and the incredibly talented Naughty Dog team. I can’t be more excited about what this group is doing“.

And to the twitter above the good one also answered Druckmannwho stated the following with lots of three smileys a little suspicious:

‚ÄúI love to showcase the work of the entire team! Thanks for all the incredible support you give us! “

In fact, what is certain is that Hermen Hulst visited the studios of Naughty Dog to take a look at the new projects in development at the team, but how many new titles are there? According to a slice of fans, the answer was given to us by the Vice President of the team using the three emoticons and thus revealing the number of current titles currently in development: three precisely!