Naughty Dog decided that The Last of Us 3 would not be their next project, but a prequel was almost made

The Kinda Funny podcast had Neil Druckmann as a guest, who again did not miss the inquisitive questions of the fans:

“I know people would really like The Last of Us 3. But at our Naughty Dog studio, we decided what the next project would be. We chose the one for which we were born “most enthusiastic about the study”.

It is clear from this reaction that it is not The Last of Us 3, but something else. It can be understood whenž už they are tired of the survival post-apocalyptic saga, they devote themselves to the series, forge a multiplayer branch, etc., so simple; again, they want to try something different, which will be more fun for them. But it does not rule out that they would dedicate the trio to another studio.

Druckmann further revealed there that a prequel to the game series was almost created, which Sony and Naughty Dog intended to give to an unnamed external studio, but then for unknown reasons. met, sameě that’s how it turned out from the animated series of this branch.

In the game, Ellie’s parents and her story background, water it was called DLC. This would be the first time her father appeared in the řseries, while her mother, Anna, has made more appearances in the series.

The second řad of The Last of Us series is due out andž between 2024 and 2025, filming could start using this year. The second řad will not cover the entire second part of the game, andř it will be about his story. There should be side stories (like Bill and Frank) as well as a changing perspective on the story being watched (Abby and Ellie).

The relationship between Ellie and Joel will also be explored more, forč Ellie (again played by Bella Ramsey) embarked on a violent journey. The creators are otherwise excited about the fact that the success of the first series will allow them to have a higher budget for filming and to have more characters in the series. infected and Spores.

The last ninth episode of the first řad was watched at the timeě premieres 8.2 million viewersů and an average of 30.4 million viewers. (no morež House of the Dragon). It is also considered with the birth of the third series series.

If the game The Last of Us 3 were to be made sometime in the future, it would definitely feature showed some elements from the HBO series: “If we ever come back to this brand in game form, we will decide what to remove from the series,” said Druckmann.

Still haven’t had enough? Then take an hour to watch a documentary film about the making of the famous (and soon to be released on PC) The Last of Us 1, because if you are emu filmařiz NoClip went to Naughty Dog to explore everything there and recorded: