MultiVersus: Season 2 is underway, Marvin the Martian is coming

It kicks off today Season 2 of MultiVersusthe free-to-play fighting game that gives a nod to Super Smash Bros. produced by Warner Bros. and developed by Player First Games.

Season 2 brings with it a new Battle Pass which contains a number of free items for all players, including the Baker Street versions of Tom and Jerry and “Tea Time” Rendog and the profile icon of Finn Pixel (Adventure Time). The Battle Pass in the premium version will also contain additional rewards, including Velma astronaut (Scooby-Doo), Bugs Maestro (Looney Tunes) and the celebration Arya Yawn (Game of Thrones). Both versions of the Battle Pass contain 50 tiers of rewards.

That’s not all, however, since during Season 2 of MultiVersus a new playable character will debut: it is Marvin the Martian. The Looney Tunes character will be equipped with his “Illudium Q-36” explosive space modulator, a laser pulverizer pistol and the ability to summon space ships. The new season will also introduce a new Game of Thrones map that will allow players to keep opponents away from the Iron Throne, as well as new dangers in Westeros and a remix of the theme song. The release dates for Marvin the Martian and the Game of Thrones map will be announced soon.

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