MultiVersus, how to unlock new characters, icons, emotes and skins

Let’s take a look at all the things that can be unlocked in the game’s Closed Alpha.

Warner Bros. Games just recently kicked off the Closed Alpha of MultiVersusa title that stands as a sort of Super Smash Bros. but with a rich and full-bodied cast of fighters from a whole series of Intellectual Properties owned by the publisher, where among these we can only mention Batmanthe Tasmanian devil, aka Taz (Looney Tunes), Harley Quinn, the iron giant (The Iron Giant), Velma and also Shabby (Scooby-Doo), just to name a few.

And if you too are curious to be able to try this new fighting game firsthand free to play of the American company, we point out in this article a whole series of valuable information, revealing first of all what the unlockable characters in Closed Alpha from MultiVersusand what price these have.

So let’s start with the characters to be unlocked in the new fighting title, with players who can get their hands on them simply by spending coins (in-game currency) of MultiVersus:

  • Batman costs
  • Steven Universe has a fixed cost of 2000 coins
  • Arya Stark requires an investment of 2000 coins
  • Garnet requires an outlay of 2000 coins
  • Finally, Superman costs 2000 coins

But like any self-respecting free to play, too MultiVersus it presents a whole series of skin exclusive, obviously distinguished by a different value based on rarity. And to get it you need to unlock them by advancing in the most classic of the Battle Pass or by completing some specific requests for MultiVersus:

  • Bugs Bunny (Bougie): You must complete the Tier 20 Premium Battle Pass to get it
  • Tom & Jerry (Pirates): If you want this skin you must complete the Tier 35 Premium Battle Pass
  • Shaggy (Uncle Shagworthy): to get it, all you have to do is complete the Tier 1 Premium Battle Pass
  • Harley Quinn (Task Force X): Complete the Tier 44 Premium Battle Pass and this skin will be yours
  • Jake (Cake): Beat the Tier 50 Premium Battle Pass and that’s it
  • Taz (Summer Taz): Reach Mastery level 13 with Taz to get this cute character skin
  • Batman (Samurai): The skin will be yours by completing the Free Tier 50 Battle Pass

Below you will find the animations which you can unlock by progressing through the Battle Pass of MultiVersus:

  • That’s All Folks: Complete the Tier 2 Premium Battle Pass
  • Spike’s bite: Simply complete the Tier 38 Premium Battle Pass
  • Omega Beam: Successfully complete the Tier 7 Premium Battle Pass
  • Jelly bean: to get it just complete the Tier 48 Premium Battle Pass
  • FP’s burning love: Complete the Tier 25 Premium Battle Pass
  • Space kook: Successfully complete the Tier 43 Premium Battle Pass
  • Shazam !: Complete the Free Tier 40 Battle Pass and it will be yours

The Battle Pass also includes unlockable MultiVersus taunts:

  • Steven Universe (Star struck): Clear the Tier 9 Premium Battle Pass
  • Bugs Bunny (Dance): Complete the Tier 13 Premium Battle Pass
  • Taz (She Devil Howl): You must reach Mastery level 5 with Taz
  • Shaggy (Kung Fu): Tier 17 Premium Battle Pass must be completed
  • Jake (Ballet): Complete the Tier 30 Premium Battle Pass
  • Wonder Woman (Weight Lifting): Successfully complete the Tier 4 Premium Battle Pass
  • Garnet (Tiny car): Complete the Tier 26 Premium Battle Pass
  • Shaggy (Nunchucks): Successfully complete the Tier 39 Premium Battle Pass
  • Velma (Dancec): Tier 46 Premium Battle Pass must be completed

Instead if you want to unlock new emotes in that of MultiVersus all you have to do is carry out these steps:

  • Harley Quinn (Crazy): Successfully complete the Tier 37 Premium Battle Pass
  • Arya (Mad): Complete the Tier 16 Premium Battle Pass
  • Shaggy (Hungry): Complete the Tier 24 Premium Battle Pass
  • Garnet (Cool): Tier 31 Premium Battle Pass must be completed
  • Jake (Wink): Complete the Tier 3 Premium Battle Pass

MultiVersus also allows you to change your profile icon in the dashboard. And to do that, complete these steps:

  • Harley Quinn: Reach Mastery Level 13 with Harley Quinn
  • Space kook: Free Tier 20 Battle Pass must be completed
  • Fred Style: Complete the Tier 8 Premium Battle Pass
  • Bat Symbol: Complete the Tier 15 Premium Battle Pass
  • Stars: Clear the Tier 22 Premium Battle Pass
  • Shaggy: You must reach Mastery level 13 with Shaggy
  • Ghost: Just complete the Tier 27 Premium Battle Pass
  • Alpha Taz: Successfully complete the Free Tier 29 Battle Pass
  • Arya: You must reach Mastery level 13 with Arya
  • Batman: Reach Mastery Level 13 with Batman
  • Finn: Just reach Mastery level 13 with Finn
  • Steven Universe: Mastery level 13 must be grabbed with Steven Universe
  • Wonder Woman Symbol: Reach Mastery level 5 with Wonder Woman and that’s it
  • Reindog: You must reach Mastery level 5 with Reindog
  • Jake: Get Mastery Level 13 with Jake
  • Garnet: Grab Mastery level 13 with Garnet
  • Lady Rainicorn: Complete the Free Tier 1 Battle Pass

Below you will find the banners that can be acquired in Multiversus, useful for customizing your interface:

  • Alpha Tester: just complete the Free Tier 30 Battle Pass
  • Knight Banner: Complete the Tier 49 Premium Battle Pass
  • Themyscira: Complete the Tier 5 Premium Battle Pass
  • Burning City: Tier 45 Premium Battle Pass must be completed
  • Arkham Asylum: Complete the Free Tier 12 Battle Pass
  • Daily Planet: Finish the Tier 23 Premium Battle Pass and that’s it
  • Superman Pattern: Complete the Free Tier 28 Battle Pass
  • Scooby Tag Pattern: Complete the Tier 18 Premium Battle Pass
  • WW Pattern: You must finish the Tier 33 Premium Battle Pass
  • Bat Signal: Tier 10 Premium Battle Pass must be completed
  • Scooby Groovy: Successfully complete the Tier 36 Premium Battle Pass
  • Waterfall: Complete the Tier 41 Premium Battle Pass
  • Haunted Mansion: Clear the Tier 31 Premium Battle Pass

The worldwide release of MultiVersus is expected in 2022 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One consoles and for PC, with support for cross-play and netcode with rollback on dedicated servers.