much more ambitious multiplayer than “Factions,” says Jeff Grubb

Jeff Grubb during his last Grubbsnax is back to talk about The Last of Us 2, the latest effort by Naughty Dog. In particular, the VentureBeat journalist focused on the much-awaited chat and Multiplayer mode, of which we still do not know the details. For Grubb, Naughty Dog would like to push the bar very high, creating something more substantial than the Factions mode seen in the first chapter. Clearly take everything that follows with due care, as it is unconfirmed.

That said, Naughty Dog’s urge to raise the bar would be so great that, says Grubb, the original concept of the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us 2 is unlikely to be distributed. This does not mean that TLOU2 will forever be a single player game but that, as Grubb himself also states, it is reasonable to expect something more than Factions mode.

As often happens in these cases, these rumors have been circulating for a while. However, the fact that it is a famous and authoritative journalist like Grubb to report them arouses interest. And all these rumors suggest that a large chunk of the Naughty Dog team is currently working on a standalone multiplayer experience of The Last of Us 2.


Clearly, all of this has to be confirmed, and this would be one of the projects linked to the franchise. What we do know is that Naughty Dog is working on TLOU2 multiplayerand at the same time also works on a remake.

Remake that many speculate may concern The Last of Us, so as to accompany the launch of the TV series, and Grubb himself sees it probable for 2022. Furthermore, Hermen Hulst saw what Neil Druckmann’s team is accomplishing and was deeply impressed by it.

Source: ComicBook