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Ms Marvel Review of the first episode of the Marvel series

With a Fourth Phase dedicated to experimentation, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking us on a decidedly particular journey, moving with ease between completely different heroes, genres and themes.. After laying its foundation on some of the characters we haven’t gotten to know deeply previously (like Wanda Maximoff, undisputed protagonist of a series and a film), Marvel Studios are presenting us with many new faces, ready to take over the future of the House of Ideas. Among these we can also find the young woman Kamala Khanalso known as Ms Marvel.

After forcefully moving away from the brutal dualism of Moon KnightMarvel Studios have decided to focus on the young Pakistani-Muslim superheroine, catapulting the audience into something completely different from what we have recently seen following the adventures of the Konshu’s fist. A change that was received in a very lukewarm way by the spectators, but which once again underlines the importance that the young heroes will have in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe..

With Ms Marvel, in fact, the Marvel Cinematic Universe momentarily distances itself from that dark tone that recent productions have been able to exploit to conquer the public, presenting us what is in effect a story of adolescent origins. Also on this occasion the series consists of six episodes, available on Disney + on a weekly basis. Here is our review of the first episode of Ms Marvel, available on the streaming platform since last June 8, 2022.

Ms Marvel, when fantasy meets reality

As we have already anticipated, the new Marvel television series presents us for the first time Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), an ordinary 16-year-old from Jersey City aspiring artist and superhero enthusiast. What strikes her from the first minutes of the first episode, in fact, is that Kamala is a huge fan of Marvel heroes. He follows their stories with deep interest, collects merchandising and yearns to participate in the very first Avengers-Con to dress up as his favorite superoina, Captain Marvel.

The girl is so passionate about superheroes that she constantly daydreams of being the protagonist of the books at comics. A passion that is not always seen willingly, especially by her family, and which leads her to experience what are fairly common adolescent problems. Also, unlike what happened previously with Moon Knight, Ms Marvel fully embraces its place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, giving us a slew of easter eggs and quotes that powerfully wink at House of Ideas fans.

Even though the origin story differs a lot from what we were shown in the comics, Ms Marvel however, it manages to preserve the tones and settings of its paper counterpart. This also concerns the powers of him that, in addition to not having been acquired by the earthly mists of the Inhumanspresent profound differences from what we know of the character.

While these changes might make avid comic readers turn up their noses, there is one thing to consider Kamala is a decidedly new character even when speaking of the vast world of Marvel Comics (he debuted on Captain Marvel # 17 in November 2013), and his power continues to be constantly updated. On top of these differences, however, the young superhero is an instant and fresh breath of air a superb addition to this ever-growing franchise.

“It’s not the brunette from Jersey City who saves the world”

Deviating with arrogance from those dark tones, at times even horror, adopted by the recent productions of Marvel Studios, Ms Marvel takes us on a very interesting journey, which is proposed as something fresh, new and extremely genuine. This also presents us with one of the most interesting new entries of this new Fourth Phase, a supereoina which, from a certain point of view, was created precisely to represent the public and which could easily become an important point of reference for spectators. younger.

This first episode is enough to be surprised by the way in which Kamala and the world that surrounds it are carefully delineated, presenting us a fresh and passionate product that moves in an environment that has never been so concrete and realistic, made up of passions, misunderstandings, friendships, generational and cultural clashes. We just have to wait to find out what Ms Marvel will be able to offer us over the next few weeks.