Monster Hunter Rise coming to all consoles and Game Pass, for a rumor

Expected release on January 20, 2023

Monster Hunter Rise may be coming to consoles Playstation And Xboxes. To reveal it are some rumors, rather precise and detailed to tell the truth, widespread from the Insider Gaming site. The game could even be included in the catalog Xbox Game Passmaking the jump from Nintendo Switch a real dive into a flood of new audiences.

Monster Hunter Rise on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass?

According to the rumor, Monster Hunter Rise would be being published for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Game Pass. The Insider Gaming site also indicates a launch date, set for January 20, 2023, with the expansion Sunbreak expected a few months later, in the spring. Rumors speak of a port of the game in 4K and 60fps with 3D audio technology on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Monster Hunter Rise launched in March 2021 exclusively for Nintendo Switch and it later arrived on Steam, in January of this year. Its success has been remarkable, with more than eleven million copies sold, according to the latest figures released by Capcom. The Sunbreak expansion itself managed to sell something like four million copies. Think about the numbers that could be reached by moving to five new platforms, the chances of Monster Hunter Rise becoming one of the biggest titles in Capcom they are not few.

Returning to the rumor, someone argues that the theater of the official announcement could be the now imminent evening of The Game Awards. In the event of December 8, the confirmation of the new versions of Monster Hunter Rise could find space, the inclusion of which in the Game Pass it would go against the sources who would like Microsoft willing not to make big announcements so as not to be too strong in the eyes of the antitrust.

Before you get excited and disappointed, however, take this information as unfounded rumors. If there is some truth to it, we will soon find out, also because January 20th is now practically around the corner.

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