modular redesign with removable disk drive in 2023

The first major internal redesign of PlayStation 5 will arrive during the second half of 2023, according to Tom Henderson, the same person who correctly advanced the existence of the DualSense Edge, the Inzone hardware line or the next Assassin’s Creed. The new model would be practically identical to the current one, but with a removable disk drive that would be connected via USB-C, which would allow the reader to be sold independently.

Since its launch, PS5 has been shipped in two models: one with the integrated disc drive and another called a digital edition that does not have an optical drive. Until now the console has gone through three minor internal redesigns known under the code names chassis A, B and C, and the new modular proposal with removable disk drive has been baptized as chassis D. Sony’s idea is that this new chassis replace all of the above. This would allow the company to reduce production to a single reference and sell the reader separately (or as a pack).

For the user the idea can also be interesting. The PS5 chassis D would offer the option of acquiring the console without an optical reader at a lower price and if in the future you want to attach a disk drive, the alternative would always be open. Reducing costs, both for Sony and the user, is relevant if we take into account that the two PS5 models have recently increased their price by 50 euros in Europe (including Spain) and other regions. In addition, removing the reader would allow a lighter console to be delivered.

At the design level, the exterior appearance of this model is not expected to change the current aesthetics of PS5. Also, the drive would plug into the back, so it could be hidden from view. Beyond the absence of the optical drive and the presence of USB-C, no further major hardware modifications are planned.

The modular console concept is not new. In the 1990s Sega released several modules for the Mega Drive, including the Mega-CD and the Sega 32X, while the Nintendo 64 received the 64DD to connect to the Internet and expanded its RAM with an Expansion Pak. The difference between these cases and that of PS5 is that the Sony console does not seek to increase its performance or add features that make a difference when playing. Today the reader is only used to install the titles that are purchased in physical format.