Modern Warfare 2, we return to talk about the iconic maps of the 2009 chapter

Thanks to the latest rumors that have emerged on the net in these hours, some of the maps most loved by fans such as Favela, Terminal and Highrise will also make their debut in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIbut according to a new report published by the famous insider Tom Hendersontheir entry may not happen as of launch day.

Why yes, despite the sequel to the soft reboot from Modern Warfare (2019) will hit the market all over the world this year, Activision Blizzard has not yet revealed much information about the game, with fans practically forced to rely on many indiscretions that have literally flooded the net for some time now.

According to these, in fact, the campaign of the new chapter of call of Duty will bring players to thecentral America to fight Colombian drug cartels, and an extraction mode should also be in place DMZ inspired by Escape from Tarkov.

Some fan favorite maps may be skipping the official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II launch

And always according to these rumors, the new COD will also present some inside iconic maps of the original version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2considered among the most influential and loved in the entire history of franchisewhere among these it is impossible not to mention Favela, Terminal, Highrise and Quarry.

And for leakers RalphsValve and Henderson, these classic maps will return in multiplayer from the new work of Infinity Ward, but they could only do so in the months following the official launch of the game. This because Modern Warfare II which should be supported by Activision Blizzard for well two yearshaving the camp cleared seeing that the 2023 shouldn’t see the launch of a new chapter of COD.

And that means there should be about twelve seasons of content. “It is possible that we will see all of these maps over the course of the two years, but not necessarily at launch,” he said Tom Henderson.