Modern Warfare 2, the best M4 loadout for the Beta

Let’s take a look at the best M4 loadout.

These days the players are finally being able to try the beta new and awaited title of Infinity Ward: obviously we are referring to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. And in this test version there are many new additions to test first hand, starting from a variety of killstreak up to a myriad of powerful equipment, with the community that is therefore already being able to enjoy some of the innovations that will characterize the future of the series. shooter.

But despite all the new features present in the beta, we report in this article a weapon that so far has already managed to establish itself as exceptional in this trial version: it is theM4a staple of the series CoDplacing itself as a balanced assault rifle that this time too would seem to be a solid and reliable choice.

Below is the best M4 loadout of the Modern Warfare 2 beta:

  • Receiver: M4
  • Muzzle: Echoline GS-X Suppressor
  • Barrel: Tempus Hightower 20 ″ Barrel
  • Stock: No Stock
  • Rear Grip: Phantom Grip
  • Magazine: 45 Round Mag

First, it is important to start the loadout with the receiver M4making sure that the weapon you are building is the classic assault rifle Modern Warfare 2 and not the M16 or an LMG. The Suppressor is instead useful for obscuring you from the minimap.

Instead the Tempus Hightower 20 ″ Barrel is the key to this build, as it improves bullet speed, range, hip fire accuracy and recoil control, making the M4 strong in almost any situation. The smaller maps of Modern Warfare 2 they offer a lot of close combat, so by opting for No Stock and Phantom Grip you can increase the movement and speed of the ADS to help you gain the advantage over enemies as you rush into the arena.

Finally, we recommend the 45 Round Mags to increase the M4’s ammo capacity, ensuring you can take on more opponents before you need to reload. And even though it is undoubtedly the first days of the life of Modern Warfare 2it is important to specify how this is undoubtedly the best loadout of the M4 that at the moment the beta has to offer.

The best perks to use for the M4

Modern Warfare 2 has some packages of perk well balanced, but we advise you to make your own selection to make the best M4 loadout. For the basic benefits, EOD it will protect you from the numerous explosives flying across the map while instead Double Time will increase the sprint speed so that you can move faster even during firefights.

Perks are unlocked mid-game and here we recommend Fast Hands. The charging speed of the M4 is a bit long in Modern Warfare 2which might prove a bit problematic on smaller maps, so speeding up the process is more than convenient.

Finally how Ultimate Perkwe can only mention Ghosta must to keep you hidden from UAV enemies and other radar devices, allowing you to sneak around the map effectively. When it comes to equipment you can’t go wrong with Semtex to deal heavy damage and Stun Grenades, so as to disorient enemies before killing them.

How to unlock M4 in Modern Warfare 2

The good news is that theM4 is unlocked from the start in MW2so you don’t need to do anything to unlock it.

The best alternatives to M4 in the game

So long as Modern Warfare 2 is still in its beta stage, only a handful of weapons are currently available, so if you don’t like theM4 we recommend the KASTOV-74u. While technically an assault rifle, the Kastov feels much lighter and faster as a SMGwhich could suit more compact maps of Modern Warfare 2.