Modern Warfare 2, the best FOV settings for the Beta

Follow these tips to correctly set the FOV in the Beta of the game.

As you certainly know already, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 you can change the FOV also on console, an option that was also available within the beta of the new game by Infinity Ward. And by modifying it correctly, you can greatly improve your gameplay and consequently your gaming experience.

Given this fact, we therefore decided to create an article containing the best settings to be used for the FOV in the game.

How to change the FOV in the Modern Warfare 2 beta:

In the previous chapters theFOV option has been severely limited on consoles, leaving it exclusively to gamers PC the possibility of being able to modify it. However, in this new game even console players will finally be able to customize the FOVwhich is a huge win.

And to actually change the FOV in the beta of Modern Warfare 2 just follow these steps:

  • Launch the beta of the game
  • Open the settings
  • Select the “Graphics” tab
  • Look in the “View” section for the FOV setting
  • Move the cursor to the desired FOV
  • Press the “Show More” button for ADS Field of View and Weapon Field of View options

Best FOV for this Modern Warfare 2 beta

The Field of View option is set to 80 by default, but many find it too low for what they can see in the game. The FOV it mostly boils down to your preferences, but our recommendation is between 105 and a maximum of 120. This depends in particular on the size of the screen / monitor you are using.

So we advise you to set the FOV to 105, and then increase or decrease the value as you see fit. Remember that you increase the value of yours FOV it will make it more difficult to see enemies from a distance, so play it until you are comfortable with the FOV both long range and close range.

Field of view of the weapon

This setting will change the size of your weapon on the screen, by adjusting the “height and width of the weapon sight in the game”. We recommend players who have a FOV higher, any value greater than 95to set this option to Ample. This will make your weapon appear slightly smaller than the default, which gives you more screen space to see what’s going on in front of you.