Modern Warfare 2, new rumors about the possible “Greatest Hits” map pack

The best of Call of Duty multiplayer history

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 it already seems very appealing to its community as it is. In any case, the rumors that had spread some time ago about the possible arrival of a denominated maps DLC Greatest Hitswhich would bring many beloved scenarios from previous games into multiplayer mode, continue to excite the community.

Modern Warfare 2, historical maps coming for the twentieth anniversary?

The launch of the Season 1 for Modern Warfare 2, which took place on November 16th, has already enriched the multiplayer proposal with two new maps. One of the most popular was Shoothouses, brought back from the old chapter following the appreciation of the fans. The same fate that could affect many other maps of the past.

The “Greatest Hits” DLC map pack, in fact, if confirmed, would go in this direction. Initially there were rumors of the introduction of the three historic maps Favela, Terminal and Rust, directly from Original Modern Warfare 2. Afterwards a leaker on Twitter had revealed that all or most of the maps of 2009 will return next year, during the Year 2 of the game, to celebrate twenty years of the series.

Not only Modern Warfare 2, but other titles in the series developed by Infinity Ward, Treyarch And Sledgehammer Games could contribute, in terms of location for multiplayer battles, to celebrate the anniversary. Everything, it is specified, would be paid for, because it is one thing to celebrate, one thing is not to forget that Call of Duty remains a commercial product.

Even in the face of any additional outlay, however, there is no doubt that many fans new and old of the series would be irresistibly drawn to a “Greatest Hits” of maps. Whether you come fromgolden age of Call of Duty, whether you belong to the latest generations that have let themselves be conquered by the series, finding and rediscovering historical settings would be very appreciable. Operation nostalgia, in short, would have a stellar success.

For the moment, however, we remain in the field of unconfirmed rumors. Whether something like this is destined to become a reality we will find out in the coming months. However, it is difficult to imagine that an anniversary such as the twentieth anniversary is not celebrated in a worthy way, and a “best of” would be a solution capable of bringing everyone together.

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