Modern Warfare 2, FaZe Jev reveals what for him is the main problem of the game

The YouTuber reveals what he thinks is the game’s main problem.

The players of CoD they finally got a taste of Modern Warfare 2 with the beta on console PlayStationwith the players PC and Xbox who instead will be able to try it in a few hours, precisely starting from tomorrow’s day September 22.

And like any self-respecting beta, even in this case a large slice of the public has decided to share theirs feedback on the gameplay, with those who have clamored for the classic minimap to those who have requested the system Perk which characterized Call of Duty: Ghost.

The content creator tells us what he didn’t like about the Modern Warfare 2 beta

And in this type of users we also find the famous content creators and professionals, who have evaluated their experience with the beta from Modern Warfare 2where among these we wish to emphasize FaZe Jevstreamer who even believes he has identified the biggest problem in the game.

In fact, in his video published a couple of days ago, precisely on September 19, FaZe Jev expressed his general views on the beta of MWIIincluding the problems he thinks the game has and the things he likes about the beta.

So while it YouTuber think that the maps “scroll a little more” is that Modern Warfare 2 has definitely improved compared to the reboot chapter released in 2019 by Infinity Wardour believes that the problem more great with the game being its pace.

FaZe Jev in fact, he stated that substantially the rhythm of this game rewards who shoot firstconsequently enticing those who play in a way extremely slow or even those who decide to camp, positioning himself in a specific place on the map waiting for the unfortunate turn to pass so as to kill him easily. The content creator basically criticized the low speed of the sprint times and the Time To Kill which he considered too short.

Obviously it is important to keep in mind that it is one betaso Infinity Ward could make several changes to the game when the October 28, 2022.