Modern Warfare 2, Activision celebrates Christmas with a video showing a light show

The publisher has released a new video dedicated entirely to Christmas.

activision decided to properly celebrate the holiday seasonorganizing an impressive light show dedicated entirely to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that fans can comfortably enjoy through a dedicated video on YouTube.

Modern Warfare 2 meets the spirit of Christmas with a video dedicated to a light show

It is also important to underline how the American publisher has decided to really do things right with this new movie, since it has joined forces with the creative Tom Bet George. And thanks to this creative partnership they managed to create a show that makes use of hundreds of neon lights scattered around the set, which through the contrast between the absolute darkness of the scenario and the bright color of the many neons used, so as to give a really impactful visual effect, with an alternation of sequences and shots that obviously recalls several times and with a certain strength to the various chapters of call of Duty.

In fact, taking a look at this video entirely dedicated to the Christmas it is possible to notice a whole series of references to the famous series above all of activisionbut this time imbued with the classic and unmistakable Christmas spirit.

At this point, don’t waste any more time and enjoy the celebratory video for Christmas by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2:

With this news archived, we remind you that in recent days some fans have expressed a certain dissent for the few news that Infinity Ward is contributing to the sector 6v6 multiplayer of the game.