Minecraft player “trained” a mob to open a secret door

Minecraft player "trained" a mob to open a secret door

Over the past year and a half, I have repeatedly written about a variety of secret doors and passages that Minecraft players create. Some caches are hidden under lava lakes. Others hide behind several layers of simpler secret passages.

But there is an easier, but effective way to make a cache that does not require buttons or levers. You can open it externally only if you have a “key”.

As the gamer Redditor ekra8154 showed in the video, he caught the strider and “trained” him so that he crossed the tension sensor that opens the door. Lava pushes him away, fixing the position, but if the character has a distorted mushroom in his hand, then the strider crosses the sensor and the door opens.

The only disadvantage of such a system is that the mob makes sounds from time to time, which can arouse suspicion. However, there is an option here – you can place a pen nearby with a distracting strider.