Minecraft, a fan recreates Bloodborne in the game

The result is nothing short of impressive

It seems that after all these years we should all have desensitized ourselves to the impact of the construction of Minecraft on a large scale, but just when we think we have seen them all someone starts posting screenshots of a construction that looks like it came out of Bloodborne. The super experienced builder of Minecraft Potomy it took four months for this project and still has plans to turn it into a custom downloadable map.

For this map, Potomy he designed impressive Gothic structures based on some of the great buildings of Bloodborne that you will remember hanging over you a Yharnam: the Astral Clock TowerL’hub of the Iosefka Clinic and the huge main gate of the Cathedral District.

The buildings of Potomy inspired by Bloodborne they are huge and take advantage of depth to add variation to the monochromatic color palette of stone, pebbles and iron bars. Like other huge buildings of Minecraftthe scale to which Potomy he is working on allows to get really intricate details on each building. Along with the custom textures on which Potomy is working and some great shaders Minecraft (they are using BSL shaders), these screenshots give off a spooky vibe.

The Minecraft x Bloodborne project

The custom texture pack of Potomy it’s having some effect in a couple of these cases. The iron bars in a couple of shots, for example, are much taller and more detailed than in Minecraft vanilla. The same goes for the spirals of the light poles. Most of it is pure anyway Minecraft. The gigantic circular windows are built with many pieces of stone brick stairs and with the ingenuity of yesteryear.

Timelapse videos on the channel YouTube from Potomy they are particularly explanatory of the process. You can see the points where you design pieces of architecture by hand before using the mode WorldEdit to copy and replicate the different sections. Even with the help of this tool, Potomy estimated to have employed 76 hours on the project until two months ago. If they have managed to keep up the pace since then, they are well over 100 hours expenses for this venture.

But there is still a lot to do. Potomy he told me he is planning to turn this build into an adventure map. Eventually he would like to make the project available on the market of Bedrockwhere he has already published many other creations.

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