Mid-Season Invitational 2022 Day 10

We are approaching the most exciting part of the Mid-Season Invitationalthe 2nd most important international event of the year of League of Legends. This not only establishes the division between spring split and summer split, but will also come to elect the strongest mid-season team among all the champions of the 4 major leagues and 7 minor leagues (LCL was barred from participating).

The weekend and half of the rumble stage are now behind us and we are approaching the conclusion of the 2nd phase, the one that will select the 4 teams that will continue in the Mid-Season Invitational and will compete in the playoffs a series to have the right to lift the cup. The situation of the ranking is certainly much more confused and uncertain than two days ago. Tension and stress grow while you have to rebuild from scratch. Who will be able to do it and advance and who will fall into the hell of the defeated? Let’s find out together!

League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2022 – Day 10

PSG Talon (2-4) vs G2 Esports (4-2)

We start with a long-awaited answer: will the G2 be able to get up from the blow they received yesterday? There is not much time left to do this and you have to do it right away. Will half a day be enough to make the G2 understand their mistakes and allow them to get the coveted revenge on PSG? They try with a Poppy for Jankos which, I’ll be honest, looks perfect for the opposing draft. In the mid we return to the past with a Syndra for Bay against Caps Corki. Unfortunately, however, the answer is no. Early is all PSG, with extremely passive and weak G2s.

These PSGs know how to read their opponents too well, it is evident every minute that passes. We need a miracle. In midgame BB and Flakked almost give us hope, but Juhan and Unified are beasts. G2s really try it all, but a late BB on a baron allows Unified to do a massacre followed by a carnage and 2-0 against the Europeans. Another defeat and I feel their mental shattering. It doesn’t look good for the G2 in the slightest, but it works very well for PSG who now seem to have placed an abnormal mortgage on the qualification.

T1 (4-2) vs Evil Geniuses (3-3)

Let’s be honest, the defeat of the G2 has hurt the Europeans and put them in a difficult condition, but never as much as that of the EGs themselves who are now in the position of practically no longer being able to lose if they want to continue in the MSI. Not an easy task since today they will face T1 and then the RNG, but never say never. Kalista / Taric for Gumayusi and Keria. Danny tries to answer with his Jinx. The early is all of the T1, a team that finally seems to have found its square (just as the G2 lost it for other reasons). At least until midgame.

Here the EGs find the teamfight simply perfect in front of the baron and Impact, Inspired and Danny make a slaughter by getting their team back into the game. The T1 teamfight clearly remains a big Achilles heel for this team. The absurd thing is that all of this repeats itself! A second baron and again the combo of Impact, Inspired and jojopyun, with a Danny absurdly free to do damage, gives their team an incredible advantage! Impact and Inspired find yet another combo and with the base in pieces the T1s I can only capitulate! EG achieved a simply unbelievable victory!

SaiGon Buffalo (0-6) vs Royal Never GiveUp (5-1)

After two very intense games, This time it’s time for a game that should be lighter on paper. The RNGs shouldn’t have a problem crushing the SGBs, but given how everything is going, I no longer take anything for granted. On the other hand, if the SGB lose here, they are automatically out and this could serve as an additional motivation for them. In fact, their early is absolutely extraordinary. A great understanding between Beanj and Froggy on Ahri who bring the SGB in kill and gold leaddespite a very good Xiaohu on Vex.

The RNGs seem unprepared for the incredible performances Beanj and Froggy are bringing out, but remain competitive thanks to the pressure on the objectives (indeed, they are at times ahead). This game is something absurd and spectacular at the same time, I want more. The SGB dominate an avalanche of teamfights and the RNGs are picking singles taking advantage of the opponents’ position errors. Bin and Wei perform the miracle and have GALA with Tristana. This is enough to close a sweaty victory, but the SGB are leaving with their heads held high!

G2 Esports (4-3) vs T1 (4-3)

The fact that the G2s and T1s are in this situation because of the PSGs and the EGs makes it all the more fascinating and interesting. These two teams are in full downturn within MSI 2022 and both need a win to break away from the mid-table and save himself from a possible three-way situation around fourth position. In short, once again a key comparison between the T1s and the G2s. Rumble for Zeus, Aphelios for Gumayusi, but Jankos gets his hands on his Graves. The G2s start off really well with a fantastic early from Jankos… and then they decide to give everything back to T1.

Zeus and Gumayusi violently re-enter the game, Oner and Faker have never exited the same and this is another huge flippone. These G2s are completely tilted, needless to deny it. Since they lost, they have never recovered. This time the T1s don’t tell the baron and on the contrary, they catch the G2s in a trap and seal their revenge more than convincingly. The G2 now really risk qualifying for the playoffs. Please STOP Caps on LeBlanc. It’s not working anymore.

SaiGon Buffalo (0-7) vs PSG Talon (3-4)

G2 are cheering very, very strongly SGB because their victory here would force PSG to move away from the tie in the standings. On the other hand, the SGB have nothing more to lose, if not honor. However, PSG looks like a new team since Sunday, right from that victory over G2. It’s a low-ranking match, but a very important one. Trundle and Shen for BeanJ and Taki, but PSG have Ornn on Hanabi, Vex on Bay and Tristana / Rell for Unified and Kaiwing. This game is already not doing well since the end of the draft, but in reality the result is surprising.

That Trundle and that Shen are really the keystone for SGB since the first completely cancels Ornn’s tantrum while the second … the second cancels ALL of the PSGs that fail to do damage in the area of ​​his W while his R clears Vex and Tristana’s explosive potential! Taking advantage of this combo and a fantastic proof of Froggy and Shogun, whose abilities were still undoubted, the SGB seal a victory that makes EG and G2 breathe an abnormal sigh of relief! VCS triggers PCS and is one that could be remembered for a very long time.

Royal Never GiveUp (6-1) vs Evil Geniuses (4-3)

Last match of the day e what a setback it would be for G2 and the other teams, if EG were to manage to beat the RNG, taking a tie at T1 and breaking away from LEC representatives and PSGs? Utopia? Today it seems that anything can happen. Of course, leaving Gangplank to Bin doesn’t seem like a good start, the G2s remember it well. Also GALA on Kai’sa scares me, especially considering the combo potential with Xiaohu’s Galio. The draft seems to have put a good climb ahead of the EGs.

It doesn’t help that RNGs don’t want to take risks. Wei and Xiaohu immediately take an absurd advantage and even if EGs don’t give up and keep proactive, with a good jojopyun, Impact and Inspired are not in the game and the gap is an embarrassing chasm. When then in midgame Bin and GALA start to scale and also collect resources on resources, this game is clearly over. The RNGs find a dominant victory as we have seen very few in this rumble stage.