Microsoft says that the 2-3 year war cycles of large games are over

Sometimes the age of the game was developed for half a year, then for a year, for a long time we had two-year development cycles, which gradually expanded to three years. Now Matt Booty from Microsoft says that this is the end, and with big crashes, it went straight for 5-6 years. Top evojov dark will be happy if you release one game in ten years.

It’s a gradual development, and like the gaming business, it took a while for the fans to realize it. That’s also why you don’t leave games from different classes as often, and even Wednesdays have more spacing.

This statement also depends on the hole that Microsoft encountered after the last week, when the development was sharply divided and then they finished their new games and now. But he also sees it in games like Forza, where even with Forza Horizon they went from two to three years, and with the new game it will be even more, and with Motorsport it was a jump straight from two to six years. Here is a very good example of Rockstar, which released GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas games like a running dog, then there was a small jump with GTA IV, a jump with GTA V and a gigantic 10-year jump, now it will be with GTA VI .

Booty says that the long creation process is caused by the increased complexity of modern games plus the need to achieve higher quality graphics, due to higher game expectations. Even if he adds that with a little trouble, indie authors can achieve great games even in a year.

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