Microsoft Flight Simulator, hurricanes and other new missions are coming

SoFly has released STORM which introduces hurricanes and other missions to the game

After the arrival of the World Update IX dedicated to Italy and Malta, SoFly has released a new climate-focused update for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The update, called STORMwill add the hurricanes and other types of storms within the game, along with many other missions.

SoFly, to introduce hurricanes, he looked at data from major hurricanes from around the world, noting locations and sizes. Users will then be able to watch them from a safe distance or venture inside for some scientific research. In addition to hurricanes that actually happened like Katrina And Michael, Microsoft Flight Simulator it will also have imaginary situations that will put the players’ skills to the test.

SoFly launches STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator

In addition to the addition of hurricanes and storms, the package STORM will have inside it too new missions created in different formats. Among them are: ten landing challenges, two discovery flights at a slower pace, ten educational missions, story-based missions and more. Most of these missions are accompanied by the co-pilot who will give very useful information on nearby storms.

As usual with all products SoFlyplayers can expect to receive regular updates ab, which will add other types of storms, such as cyclones and typhoonsbut also additional missions. STORM hopes to bring to the pilots Microsoft Flight Simulator the thrill of being a virtual storm chaser.

STORM will be available for Microsoft Flight Simulatorfirst through the website of SoFly and other third party stores, and later in the Marketplacewhere it will be available for both PC that for Xbox at the price of € 11.99. Below is a list of STORM features:

  • A large number of hurricanes (historical and fictional) are added in Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Global storm presets that preset a challenge anywhere in the world
  • Fully voiced narrative missions
  • Educational airliner flights in the eye of the storm; you can choose between the A320 default or the FBW A32NX
  • New discovery flights and authentic audio tour
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator first: interactive manual as you fly in the simulator
  • Hard and exciting landing challenges
  • Flight plans that take you to hurricanes are included or discover them on your own
  • Detailed PDF guide to help you find hurricanes and storms included