Microsoft calls Call of Duty players unimportant to the console ecosystem

Call of Duty players? Not all that special, the comments emerged via a document submitted to the CMA.

Events continue Microsoft/Sony related to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The Japanese giant keeps mentioning how much titles like Call of Dutydeveloped by activision, are important for consoles. To defuse the situation, the multinational in a new document, said players of the title activision aren’t all that special to the console ecosystem, stating that only a percentage of users choose COD as first game on new Xboxes.

Call of Duty does not increase console sales. Xbox data showed that between 2016 and 2022, a percentage of users never played or bought the game and only X percentage of gamers actually played the title as their first video game after buying a new Xbox. The numbers do not allow us to say that COD has anything to do with sales.

COD players are not special or unique in terms of sales compared to other popular franchises.

According to Microsoft and shared data, the presence of the title in the catalog does not generate new users.

The percentages were not disclosed in the document made public by Competition and Markets Authorityan English competition development body, often abbreviated as CM extension. Previously, the American multinational corporation would have already accused the CM extension to prefer sony and not consumers.

So for Microsoft current commentary on franchises such as COD could be a simple attempt to make people understand that the lack of the title in Sony’s catalog would not be a disadvantage as it does not involve new users. The story seems to have no end even if recently the independent non-profit institution or ITIFreassured the English anti-trust stating that the video game will not become exclusive Xboxes following the acquisition.