Microsoft, Alex Kipman and other executives were charged with sexual harassment

A report claims Alex Kipman and other executives have been involved in sexual harassment and verbal abuse

This is news from the last few hours: Alex Kipmanthe well-known investor of HoloLensand other executives of Microsoft have been accused of sexual harassment And verbal abuse towards their employees. This was disseminated by a report by Insider that goes into the matter.

Inside the article, we read how the US giant has taken measures over the last few years to improve this situation, but that, unfortunately, such episodes still occur within the company. This happens because, according to Insiderwithin the company there are so-called “untouchable“That are not pointed at for their wrong behavior.

Insider accuses some Microsoft executives of discriminatory behavior

The article in question focuses most of its attention on Alex Kipmanaccused of having been the protagonist of several unpleasant events that occurred at home Microsoft, with unprofessional attitudes and to promote “a culture that reduces the contributions of women”. In fact, last year, more than 25 employees reported on the inventor’s behavior HoloLensthough no type of provision It was taken.

One of the various stories that were shared by the various employees (of course in anonymity) refers to a case that occurred between the 2016 and 2017. In that context, Kipman he was wearing a visor VR and, by transmitting the signal outside, all employees could also watch the scenes he was witnessing. All normal, were it not for the fact that the content was described as a “VR pornAnd showing women in skimpy clothes engaging in “an overtly sexualized pillow fight.”

The article goes on to state that Kipman, elsewhere, he massaged the shoulders of an employee even though she felt uncomfortable, not even stopping after the woman tried to make him stop. In addition, the report states that the same executives of Microsoft they tried in every way to take measures that would ensure that no woman remained in contact with Kipmangiven his attitudes, even speaking of chaperones during meetings.

But Kipman he is not the only one to have been accused. The report also cites other executives from Microsoft such as Terry Myerson And Tom Keane who have had similar behaviors. We remember that Myerson left the company in 2018but the reasons for this departure they were never disclosed. According to Insider it would have been a collapse all the same Myerson had backstage before an event. Keane, on the other hand, was described by all employees as a dictator, so much so that he earned the nickname of “King Tom“.

At the moment it is not possible to verify this information and we therefore ask you to consider it with appropriate caution, but the fact remains that the long report published by Insider it could have several negative repercussions for both Kipman than for all executives Microsoft guilty of having had inappropriate and discriminatory behavior.