Microsoft-Activision, Serbia’s antitrust cleared the acquisition

The American giant has obtained a new green light for the acquisition.

In these very hours theantitrust body of the Serbia authorized the acquisition of Activision Blizzard from Microsoftmerger chat that we remember having been set in the face of an incredible investment of ben $68.7 billion in liquidity.

Microsoft got another green light to acquire Activision Blizzard

And this is decidedly positive news for the giant of Redmondsince some companies such as sony And Google I’m not at all happy with the deal. Because the acquisition is so massive, regulators around the world are scrutinizing it, trying to figure out whether or not this merger will hurt the market once it’s completed.

And while the investigations go on in practically all over the world, today also the Serbia she joined theArabia Arabian and al Brazilapproving without asking for particular conditions a Microsoft the acquisition of activision blizzards.

Closing of the acquisition was initially scheduled for the first half of the 2023, but the American giant has since encountered several problems, potentially delaying the date of finalization of the agreement. The approval has been delayed in Australia And Japanwhile instead the United States must decide by the end of this month, the United Kingdom has 4 months to do it and there China must decide by June 2023.

The antitrust body of the Serbia he then revealed that he had not encountered any particular problems since Microsoft would have 10-20% of the console market shares in the country, while sony 30-40% and Nintendo 40-50%. The market watchdog then stated the following:

“It is also argued that the participants in the deal do not have sufficient market power to implement a strategy that prevents or limits entry to competition.”